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    Pension record missing years

    I have checked my state pension record and I have a query about a missing year. I did a higher education course in 1989-1992. At the time they wrote to me and said I would not have enough state pension, did I want to make up the years. I have the letters still. I chose to make up two of the years and this is reflected on my record. This is fine.

    However, I have another missing year which was my last year at school doing A levels in 1986. In this year I was at school until sitting my A levels in the summer, I then went straight to university, I then dropped out of the course in the January and signed on for 8 weeks until I got a job in April 1987. This is shown on my records but says I did not have enough contributions. My query it was not communicated to me that this year would not count. I believed that as I was in full time education and then signed on, I had done the correct thing. Why was I not informed of this. I believe it is too late now to do anything about it.

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    This one year is unlikely to be critical though isn't it?

    So long as you get 35 years national insurance contributions credited over the approximately 50 years available to you then you get a full pension now. It may be that, in hindsight, the years you bought were themselves a waste of money.

    Is there some reason you won't be able to get the 35 years?

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    I think your record should show a NI credit for the years in which you had your 16th, 17th and 18th birthdays, presumably 1983-84, 1984-85, 1985-86 in your case. If you then go to university, whatever, you get zip.

    So for the 1986-87 all you have is 8 weeks of JSA, or whatever it was called backed then, not a full year.

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    I don't think you need to do anything about it.

    As previously noted above, you need 35 Full Years to qualify for the New State Pension. I'd guess that you you are looking at about the year 2035 for your 'retirement'. So the real question would be, how many Full Years do you have now, and how many extra do you expect to accumumate over the next 18 or so years?

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    Yeah, I thought so. I was 18 in Feb 1986. I have to work extra years to be eligible for the full state pension as I have been contracted out for years. I just hate my job so much I am keen to leave or go part time as soon as I can and possibly live off my savings for a few years knowing I will get the full state pension when i am 67!!!

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    How much do you need to make up to 159.55 ? You will get NI credits earning over 113 per week so fairly easy to get working PT.

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