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    Question for those of you who HAVE moved to retire.

    I am looking for some recommendations from people who have already re-located for retirement.

    Our dilemma is this - we could spend a lot of money to be downtown and in the middle of everything - which sounds very exciting and fun. We could give up one car and walk more.

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    We could spend less money for the larger cottage on the bay with the killer view but an hour's drive away from the good stuff.

    I'm not sure we want to further isolate ourselves but the small community is appealing. We ultimately plan to end up in a retirement community (CCRC) but until then.... are thinking we should force ourselves to get out there and stay active - thus, be close, or in, the city.

    Any thoughts/advice?? (of course, we will ultimately make up our own minds but...) What would you do?

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    We downsized from a 5 bedroom bi level home in the country to a 3 bedroom rancher within city limits.
    1. Health which is really great but unknown at the time what would happen 22 years from when we retired.
    2. No retirement community because it' is depressing watching neighbors die.
    3. Rancher easier to reach windows that occasionally would need to be cleaned from the outside.
    5. Rancher because as previously stated health might require no climbing stairs.
    6. Chose southwest for better year round climate and less humidity in case old age brought on arthritis.
    7. City services like bus transportation, garbage pickup, street cleaning.
    8. Easy access to doctors, dentists, eye care and all the peripheral services that go with
    9. Chose a state where taxes on Soc. Sec. and other retiree benefits are not taxed.
    Retiring at 54 meant trying to imagine what needs would be 20+ years down later took some planning. Cost of living was factored into most of the above.

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    All very good reasons especially #2 We made the choice based upon several monetary reasons, limited yard upkeep, but the downside is watching others pass. #6 Not me, too hot in the summers, we also have mild winters. #9 My new home state doesn't tax SS (about 1/2 pension is taxed - a downside), no property tax over 65, no sales tax (they keep trying to get us to vote one in), 1,3,5,7,8 all work for me.

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    I moved 200 miles north of where I was living when I retired. I sold my home and bought a bit smaller one on a golf course at a Del Webb age restricted Retirement community. Then went to New Zealand and bought a home and spent the next 25 years spending six months of the year at each home. Those homes have now been sold and I am living in a two bed two bath apartment in the city that I lived in when I retired.
    The 25 years were fantastic and fun and went by all to fast.

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