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    HSBC HK closing company account - Where to go instead?

    After having a company account with HSBC for 6 years, they've requested due diligence documentation 3 times in the last year which has been diligently filed. Now they seem to have suspended the account but it's impossible to get in touch with anyone answering questions about what is happening. The general support reference to their DD dept which has been moved to the mainland and don't pick up the phone or return phone calls, they don't respond to e-mails and they don't respond to messages sent on the banking platform. The funds seems to be locked and there's no correspondence on how they will pay out the funds... Totally appalling and shocking.

    Now for my question about what alternative banks there are to consider for the company in question. It can be a HK or non-HK bank. The company is a software development company registered in HK and has nominee directors and nominee shareholders. The company is developing software (not for gambling/porn or anything like that) with the development taking place in different places of Asia. We may consider paying for an introduction if necessary.

    - Bank that accepts HK company with nominee director/shareholder as customer
    - Debit card with Visa or Mastercard connected to the account

    - Non-US banking license or on the US banking checklist (although no one involved in the company is from the US, US related banks or banks having a lot of US customers may just be scrutinized a lot or end up in trouble)
    - Non AEOI if possible but not necessarily a requirement.
    - Not visiting the bank for the opening but can be arranged depending on jurisdiction

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    what happened to your money? how you recovered /

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    I don't know. It's impossible to get hold of them. I don't expect them to steal the funds outright though. I'll keep you updated on that. Meanwhile back onT: what alternatives do you suggest?

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    usually hsbc hk has good customer service, they answer calls and emails.. weird they are not answering you back….

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