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    Mortgage and New Job at same time

    I am 22 (too young?) and have been approved for a 15 year mortgage on a property that I like. I am due to start a new job in August and would purchase the house in the next couple of months all going smoothly! Do people think this is "too much new at the same time"? A mortgage is a big commitment and if I don't like the job I fear that I will be tied to it to pay the mortgage. How easy is it to switch mortgage to a different property (obviously will be costs) if worst comes to worst? Just wondering different peoples thoughts. Thanks!

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    Is your mortgage lender still happy to lend given the new job?

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    The DIP I received didn't take the new job into account. But it is a much larger wage than I am currently on so I don't think it will be an issue, shall definitely check.

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    It has the potential to be a major issue. Raise it early.

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    Shall do thanks. They are aware that my current contract is finished at the end of July and that it hasn't been renewed by my current company. I made the DIP application as accurate as possible but shall let them know of this

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