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Thread: Mis-sold PCP

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    Mis-sold PCP

    A few years ago I took out a PCP on a car and when it came to the mileage allowance, we were told that if we took it back to the dealer, we wouldn't be charged for going over. It was stressed that if we took it back to the finance company we would have to pay the charge but NOT if we took it back to the dealer. We asked for this in writing and was told no as this would form a contract and assured us that this is what happens everywhere. We believed the salesman and have now discovered that we are going to be charged and believe that we have been mis-sold the PCP and wondered who we can contact to take this further? The salesman has now left the dealer and judging by reactions from other sales people he did similar things to other customers. Any help or advice would be great!

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    Hang on, you asked for it in writing and was told "no as this means I'd have to be telling the truth" and you took out the deal anyway? Sorry but you likely will not have much of a leg to stand on, I'm sure it's clearly mentioned in the PCP agreement T&Cs.

    You may be able to complain to the dealer and try escalate the matter with them. You never know, they may pay out if you're lucky.

    How much are we talking here? What mileage was on the agreement, how much did you do in the end? How much are you being asked to pay?

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    Not a chance in hell it was mid-sold. You don't have any evidence.

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    More often than not the dealer will just absorb any charges when he negotiates you a new PCP.
    I have always taken the lowest mileage (6000 where I go) to get lowest monthly costs.
    I always swap after 3 years of my 4 year deal. The mileage is over even by then.
    Standard practice in many garages.

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    As long as you do not start with a negative balance that is all I would be bothered about.
    That is assuming you are returning the car for a new deal ?

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