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    Investment Trusts

    I would like to diversify my mainstream global investments. I currently hold Artemis Global Income, Newton Global Income and Fundsmith in my portfolio.

    I am looking to include a global Investment Trust and was looking at 2 options - a) Scottish Mortgage or b) Witan. Obviously, most people are aware of SMIT and its track record but the Trustnet risk score is around 135 whereas Witan is around 85 - why is there such a difference in risk exposure between these two trusts?

    Also, is there any other global trusts that anybody has invested in and experienced?

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    I've had Murray International (in various guises) since about 1968, not regretted it yet!

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    SMT is a US tech oriented trust with little UK exposure.
    Witan is more varied in sector terms and relatively UK focused.

    The reason for the different scores on trustnet is because they're very different trusts. If you're using trustnet then why not look at the breakdown tab for each trust and see for yourself.

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    I use LSLI, MYI & ADIG for global equity income exposure. ADIG was BIST and a bit of a mistake, with hindsight. I'm contemplating a JPGI replacement of ADIG in a year or so if things don't start to improve, much less income though.

    If you're interested in IT investment, bookmark the AIC website. It has a good IT screener with a fair amount of detail.

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    I did consider Murray International but decided it was too biased to Asia Pacific ex Japan and EM for my liking.

    Witan at the moment seems to be more to my liking with the asset class allocation, however, you cannot ignore the pretty consistent track record of Scottish Mortgage!

    As mentioned in my OP I already hold global funds in my portfolio so does it merit holding a global investment trust alongside these?

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    It's probably best to invest in just one global fund that has approximately the weightings you are looking for, then supplement it with other holdings that give you exposure to the areas you feel the global fund does not adequately cover. It becomes quite difficult to arrive at a sensible result if you have lots of overlap across your portfolio.

    Edit: the exception to this is when you are trying to create a monthly income stream and you are selecting partly on the basis of dividend payment dates.

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