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    Castle Direct Finance

    I recently registered with them to search for a loan. They have just taken 79 from my debit card even though I did not get a loan. I was under the impression that they took the fee only if I got a loan. I am reporting them to the Financial Ombudsman. DON'T UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GIVE YOUR CARD DETAILS TO THIS COMPANY

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    What's the issue, their fees are clearly stated in their terms and conditions...

    Looks like you got exactly what you signed up for and paid their advertised fees of 79.

    Why complain, surely you read their terms and conditions?

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    The fee is very clearly described in the third para of their Terms and Conditions.

    Immediately below that, it explains how you can get a refund of their fee, less a 5 admin charge, if you do not successfully get a loan. Have you tried doing that before reporting them to the Financial Ombudsman?

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    Why were youlooking for a loan ?

    Whats wrong with the traditional known lenders ?

    Why not look at your spending at cut back ? Better still tell us what the issue is.

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    OP might have to wait SIX MONTHS before they get any money back.

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