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    HL SIPP Drawdown Question

    Just about to fill in my 2nd form to move this years SIPP into drawdown with HL. Question 8 on the form says "Have you already taken any other pension benefits (excluding your State Pension?". My wife has only the State Pension and the first time we sent off this form she ticked Option 1 which says "This is the first I have taken any benefits from any pension scheme". Since then she has moved a tax free lump some into her nominated account and in May will be moving an income payment of 10 into her nominated account. Does this mean she should now tick option 2 which says "I have already taken benefits after 5 April 2006 from one or more pension schemes"?

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    What is "this years SIPP" ????

    And is this your SIPP or your wife's ?

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    It's my wife's SIPP but I do all the admin and fill in the forms which she signs. By this year's SIPP, I mean that she put in 2880 late in the last tax year which she moved into drawdown in the current tax year. She also put in 2880 at the beginning of the current tax year and I'm now filling in the form to move the remainder of that 2880 into drawdown once the top up has been added.

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    Has she already taken benefits after 5 April 2006 from one or more pension schemes?

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    The only thing she has taken is the first tax free amount from this SIPP earlier this month with an income payment of 10 to come in May.

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