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    Personal Finance Review

    I've posted a similar thread on here before, I've taken on most of the advice I've received and as my finances are slowly becoming much healthier so I thought I'd post an update to check if there is anything else I should do to my finances?

    My setup is as follows:


    Mortgage - 393 p/m at 4.69% (Balance is around 65k) renewal due on February 2019. 10% overpayments allowed and there is a 5% fee for early settlement.

    House was bought for 84,000 and is worth around 90,000 now.

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    4000 (in FlexDirect Current account, my salary is originally paid into my Halifax account to avail of the 3 pm)

    500 in Nationwide regular saver paying 5%, 300 is being drip fed into this each month going forward.

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    Your council tax is 190pm on a house worth 90K - that can't be right?

    P.S. - this is the savings & investments board you know - not really the right place for this.

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    Yes, I've had the tax reviewed but it's never been reduced.

    Where is a better place to post this? It was allowed previously.

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    When I saw the subject line, I thought the relationships forum would be more appropriate

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