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    Anyone heard of Nationwide corporate finance?

    Hey Guys,

    Has anyone heard of Nationwide corporate finance...
    I'm looking to get a business loan for my business thats been trading since November last year.

    I've spoken to Nationwide Corporate Finance.. They needed a guarantor which is cool. and have offered me a loan (all done very fast within a day on a bank holiday).
    But they're asking for the one off set up fee and the first payment before the loan goes into my account which sounds odd to me..

    He said it was just company policy.

    they have tons of good reviews online but I don't know about the sites they're listed on so not sure if its legit or not.

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    How much is the fee ?

    Personally I would walk away.

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    Its a loan for 15000 and the set up fee is 778.80 including VAT
    Monthly payments are 715.81 including VAT over 3 years...

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    Hmmm it's up to you, but I would still walk away.

    Lots of scam companies with false websites out there.

    Makes no mention of fees on there website, upfront or otherwise.

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    ok, Thankyou..

    Do you know of any business loan companies that are legit?

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