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    Ever moved and Upsized your retirement home instead of Downsized

    We are in the process of buying our retirement home and moving out of state this summer..
    I have always lived in smaller homes.. I for once would love to have a home that is 1800 + sq ft and large yard.. My husband said we don't need all that, but this is basicly our last home and would love to have more space ..
    Have you ever Upsized your retirement home? Glad you did or regret it?

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    we moved from a tiny 1600 sq ft house in DC to a much bigger one in rural NH and love it. Yard went from 3000 sq ft to two acres. Love that, too.

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    Although I've been retired since Nov 2015, we have not yet downsized. We had initially planned to fix up and sell the house.

    Our house is a too big 4600 sq ft but after getting new windows, appliances, roof, doors, deck, and paint we realized that we really like the place. Yes, it's too big and I have rooms that I rarely visit, but it sure is nice to be able to stretch out and use the space for projects.

    When you're retired and living in the same space, you can get on each others nerves. You need to adapt to your new living situation.

    Another factor is that houses here are getting more and more expensive every month. Way too many people are moving to Colorado.

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    We went from a 1000 sq ft bungalow with < a quarter acre, to a 1750 sq ft single level on > 1/2 acre. The living areas separate our bedroom from the other two, so we can't hear what the other one is saying from the bedroom on one side of the house to the bedroom/ office on the other side. This can be a good thing or a bad thing sometimes.

    It's not a huge step up, but gives us some breathing room from ourselves and neighbors.

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    we have a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment in queens nyc . we had bought a potential retirement home in the pocono's in pa .

    here in nyc none of the kids stay over , they are all local .

    we had to get a 3000 sq ft home in pa because everyone stays over . so we had a 2 bedroom apartment with small expenses in to owning ,heating ,cooling and maintaining a full house

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