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    CWL Aftermarket Portal

    Im currently considering purchasing this trading software, is there anyone actively using it that can provide me with an CWL Aftermarket Portal review?

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    Ive been trading with the CWL Livemarket Portal for several years now. No complaints. Not yet tried the Aftermarket Portal, though did discuss it with my account manager recently.

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    The CWL Aftermarket Portal is pretty easy to work with, great support team too.

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    I too have been using the CWL Livemarket for a while now. Super backtesting capabilities, a few notibale bugs with Windows 7 but these were quickly fixed with patches.

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    I have just had a fancy fancy brochure from CWL does the product provide what's promised?

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    Hi Frank Ive been using CWL Aftermarket Portal for the last few years and I was skeptical initially. It was a workmate who forwarded me on to them so I never receive any sort of brochure. Im reasonably happy with how its going, im actually looking at upgrading thought to the livemarket portal this year.

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    Cheers orange22 I had a chat with them earlier today and am looking to get going with this.

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    Good movement on M&S over the last several days.

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    What should I be looking for in a broker? I am told that Barclays are good?

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    It all about your style of trading. I recommend that you shop around for a bit. Many brokers offer 'frequent trader rates' which are usually cheaper in the long run (if you trade often)

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